On the way to an
agile organization.

On the way to
a clear vision.

On the way to
effective leadership.

On the way to a
healthy company.

The business companions

On to the goal! A great thought but often the path is uncertain, rocky or even blocked. The Business Companions accompany companies on challenging paths and clear obstacles out of the way: so that the goal is reached safely and confidently.

This is how we proceed

We are future thinkers. On the path “FORAN” we rely on the potential of the company and the employees and act solution-oriented. This makes the goal tangible and the journey enjoyable.


Before we set out, we get a clear view of the situation of your company. In doing so, we pay attention to all the challenges and threats that we will encounter on the way to our goal.

2. WAY

The fastest way is not always the best. We check which route fits and which stages are necessary on the way to the goal.


We don’t just storm off, but equip travelers with everything necessary to reach their destination safely.


Here we go! We set out on our journey. It is clear that we will stay along as companions and react immediately if danger approaches or help is needed at short notice. It’s also clear that we are happy about


Once the goal has been reached, you are well prepared to master the next journey yourself.

Would you like to start the journey with us?