"Losers quit when you fail. Winners fail until they succeed."

John Künzler

Leadership and CollaborationAgile

Personal motivation

Like a sponge that grows as it absorbs knowledge. That’s me: John Künzler, half Appenzeller, half English. I grew up in eastern Switzerland, studied in Germany, the USA and Switzerland, and was given the opportunity to join Ernst & Young in consulting. There I developed enormously under a great mentor, who at the time threw me into the unknown waters of change management. Change was the big topic that accompanied me from then on in all further stations. I was quickly overcome by the feeling of knowing a lot, but having achieved little myself. I had learned many methods and wanted to take responsibility myself. It was time to live change personally as well. I broke away from Ernst & Young and in the following years shaped start-ups, brought my skills as a leader to large companies, and accompanied companies in transformation as an organizational consultant in various places around the world. At some point, I asked myself: what can be done to make people flourish? What needs to happen for them to say, “Thank God, it’s Monday!”? I believe it takes the opportunity to experience oneself in one’s talents, to pursue meaningful work, and to contribute to something greater with the highest possible autonomy. Together with others. Then we feel self-effective and connected. Then we can even move mountains. I would like to contribute to this and strengthen companies on their way with new forms of leadership, innovation and collaboration. Together with the consultants of FORAN.

Reiss Motivation Profile

John’s great strengths are his motivational and networking skills. He thrives under pressure and keeps a cool head even in stressful situations. He likes to work creatively in groups, to strengthen self-organization and to make decisions on an equal footing.

The preparation of such teamwork can be arranged flexibly. This allows him to manage his own time and create free space to recharge his batteries.