"The point is not to give life more years, but to give years more life."

Michelle Gmünder

Process design and documentation





Personal motivation

I am a leader type. Even in kindergarten, I wanted to give orders, wanted to get my ideas accepted. That always led to fights. Sometimes the group would fall apart or my friends would go home. Yes – it takes self-awareness for something to change. And it took me years to realize that it only works out well if everyone pulls in the same direction. Today I need a good team. A good togetherness. And if there is unrest, then I am there and try to mediate.

As a teenager, I was enormously plagued by acne. I felt uncomfortable, insecure. I did not want to and could not accept compliments from others. Basically, because I was never satisfied with myself. At some point, the moment came when I learned to accept outside encouragement. That changed me, made me more self-confident. Besides, this life experience made me sensitive to other people and their weaknesses. And I would never judge others by their appearance.

Privately, you can find me on my horses, on the road with my dog or at a fine meal with my best friend. I can hardly sit still – I need movement, operation and people around me.

My strong need for recognition and the expression of power are a difficult combination. This presents me with many challenges. In my job at FORAN, I can live out both. I can decide and act responsibly myself, and I work in a team that gives me feedback.

I am happy that I can accompany companies with FORAN and bring them forward. I want to show potential, point out strengths. Everyone deserves to be able to live out their strengths. If you want something, you will find a way. And with FORAN, we are good, professional companions on this path.

Reiss Motivation Profile

Social contacts are very important to Michelle. She maintains close friendships and approaches others openly. In a group, she likes to take responsibility and likes to exert influence on those around her. She reacts sensitively to criticism, which makes her a very empathetic person.

After stressful situations, she needs a balance to regain her equilibrium. She finds this in active, physical exercise or a good meal.