“We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive. But we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.”

Reesa Graf

Payroll accounting

Financial accounting


I need wide borders

I am a free thinker. That may come as a surprise, because numbers and structures are my absolute passion. Organizing, gaining an overview, creating clarity and, at the end of the year, using a number to sum up the success of a company.

That’s why I’m in the right place in accounting. But honestly, that alone wouldn’t be enough for me. I also like to organize things, to hold the reins in my hands. Today I live both areas. It came about because I took some time off a few years ago. My kids were grown, I went traveling and took time to figure out what was important to me. Somehow, little by little, one thing fell into place. Today, I work in a hospital in congress organization and freelance for various companies – including Foran.

I think the idea behind Foran is strong. Foran also rearranges, sorts and moves people to the right place. That’s where I am today, too: in my jobs, I keep things in order. Nevertheless, I move in a free organizational structure. That’s what I need as a free thinker and numbers person.



For Reesa, self-determination is central. She is bothered when things are not completed and likes to do them herself. At the same time, she appreciates being free from social demands and living a certain independence.

Her need for structure and order helps her maintain a good work-life balance. She likes to take time for herself to collect herself and sort out her thoughts.