"Success comes to those who do something while waiting for success."
(Thomas A. Edison)

Roman P. Büchler

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When things are moving forward, when it’s “chlepft und tätscht” and life is really moving: Then I’m fine! Others say they can’t keep up with this pace – but they don’t have to. That’s me, and it shows in my intrinsic motives. Power, independence, recognition and peace of mind drive my actions. And then, when I can live these strong expressions, I do well and enrich my environment. I love to make strategic decisions and to implement them. If there is someone who restricts me too much, I become restless. Although I appear strong, I need confirmation from the outside. I experience this, among other things, in my work as a speaker and author. I seek relaxation at home with my family. Then I can lean back and let myself drift. I also experience peace when I spend time with our horses and dog.

I am happy to be breaking new ground with FORAN in supporting leaders and organizations. We do not tinker with structures, processes or management tools. We put people at the center. We identify core tasks and ask: What competencies do we need in order to fulfill these tasks as optimally as possible? Then we assign the people in a team to the tasks. This is a completely new approach. We ask questions so that they themselves recognize which motives bring them to which situation. Because only where recognition slips over the head into the heart does the hand move voluntarily. And only then does something change.

Reiss Motivation Profile

Roman is very assertive and likes to exert influence and take responsibility. Positive feedback helps him to deliver the performance he strives for. To compensate, it is important for him to consciously schedule moments of relaxation.

He is very outgoing and communicative. Nevertheless, he appreciates being able to go it alone and enjoys his freedom to make decisions.