medfit in forward motion. Interview with CEO and founder Peter Roth

medfit AG is currently present at five locations, in Roggwil, Arbon, St. Gallen, Heerbrugg and Davos, as a center for physiotherapy and complementary medicine. In the next few years, the company would like to expand and position itself throughout Switzerland with its services in the area of “getting healthy”.

Dear Peter, how did it come about that you turned to FORAN?
I have known Roman Büchler for years and have witnessed how he focuses on human-centered organizational consulting with FORAN. Due to the new layout of medfit, I was faced with new challenges. I was looking for a partner who could advise me organizationally, who came from Eastern Switzerland and whom I could trust. FORAN meets these requirements.

What are the questions that concern you today?
Today, medfit is 65% owned by investors and we plan to grow to 20 branches throughout Switzerland. In this context, we ask ourselves the question: Does what we are fit with what we have been given as a mission? How do we shape our organization? What management will bring medfit into the future?

Wow. There’s a lot of upheaval going on …
Yes. It was important to pause for a moment and take time to look closely at everyone involved. In collaboration with foran, each member of GL created an RMP profile. Applicants from outside the company also took part in this assessment. We clearly identified where the intrinsic motivation of each individual lies.

What did you learn from the RMP?
There was no big “aha” moment. I see the great added value in pausing. We took time to see where someone stands, what they are and what drives them. This process is good. It shows how we fit together and helps to see where we are not balanced. There’s no point in wasting time if a task isn’t approached out of intrinsic motivation.

What came out of that?
The new medfit management team came out of that. We know who we are and what we can do. But we also see what is missing and where we need to bring in partners.

Does this view of your competencies also sharpen the view of your brand?
Absolutely: yes. We asked ourselves the question: Are we still sexy enough for this world? How do we look in the mirror and how do we look in photos? Does that fit together? In a brand workshop, we put our services to the test. We wanted to know from customers how they perceive us and realized that we needed to streamline our offering. We’re focusing on our core business, going “back to the roots” and doing it very well – or even better than anyone else.

What process are you in at the moment?
We are halfway through the brand development process. We continue to work on sharpening our brand. medfit is the partner for getting healthy. We want to get rid of all the services that make us fat and sluggish. There are enough good, strategic partners that can complement us.

Will you continue with FORAN in the future?
Sure. FORAN is an evolution; someone who empowers us to focus on our own thoughts. We need a guide, not a tour operator. We organize ourselves, but use foran’s expertise to help us take thinking steps.