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On the way to a healthy organization EN

The introduction of occupational health management (or BGM for short) creates health-promoting structures and processes in an organization and empowers employees to take responsibility for their own health-conscious behavior. But what does this mean?

How SMEs remain attractive through benefit innovation

A benefit innovation is as follows: A company’s activities have a positive impact on its own cost structure as well as on perceived customer benefits. Sounds unrealistic? It isn’t. Let’s take a closer look.
10 How SMEs remain attractive through benefit innovation
Author: Roman P. Büchler

The main thing is digital. Nothing else matters.

In a digital world, many things seem simpler. People and machines can access data from anywhere in the world, control machines, and synchronize information. But people are often forgotten in the process.

Paths to agility

How do we find the right path into agility for us? One possible approach to this question is to look at the toolbox of agile working, i.e. the agile principles, practices and methods.

Making decisions by consensus – how?

Collective decision-making based on the no-objection principle. This article explains how exactly it works and how it is structured.

medfit in forward motion. Interview with CEO and founder Peter Roth

medfit AG is currently present at five locations, in Roggwil, Arbon, St. Gallen, Heerbrugg and Davos, as a center for physiotherapy and complementary medicine. In the next few years, the company would like to expand and position itself throughout Switzerland with its services in the area of “getting healthy”.

Interview with Andreas Schwengeler, CEO Creative Software

“FORAN has provided my squad with perspectives on relief and mutual understanding within the team in a short period of time.”

Moving from knowledge to action

Managers and their organizational units often fail to make full use of their potential. In many cases, people are engaged in tasks that do not suit them or for which they are not made. But how do you find out who fits which job profile – and vice versa?
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